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Hello Future Client,

Thank you for reaching out and for your interest! Please visit our hosting portfolio on Airbnb-

Feel free to check out our reviews! We are all about customer service and doing whatever we can possible to make our guests happy with their experience and stay!
I have a few clients currently that are real estate investors and we charge 20% of each booking for Airhoster to manage the property or properties.

To give you more information on the hosting services I provide, I will list below:

1. I handle all guests relations and properly screen guests before they book the home, to eliminate parties and for neighbor noise complaints, etc 

2. I get to know the surrounding neighbors and build relationships in the community that surrounds the Airbnb. I let the neighbors know I am the point of contact and if anything comes up to please contact my personal number as we are available 24 hours of the day on call for any problems that may arise.

3. I have guests doc-sign our house rules on the listing before their stay with the specific rules of the property. Due to Airbnb’s policies if any of these house rules are broken I then have the right to cancel the reservation and ask guests to vacate the premises immediately 

4. Attention to detail is a big one, we provide a cleaning service that is our joint partner. They have been cleaning our 8 properties that we currently manage for 3 years. We deep clean the properties and my staff check the cleaners work and prepare the check ins for guests. We leave welcome cards and to the final touches to make guests feel at home 

5. We restock all inventory necessary for the property owner with coffee, tea, toilet paper- all the essentials. My other clients have a set up amazon account that I have access to, to purchase the items with the property owners company card 

6. We do all minor repairs free of charge, however anything more serious that occurs from the guests stay we charge the guests through the resolution center so the property owner will not have to pay out of pocket from any of these items. Anything that needs a contractor we schedule the appointments to do repair work and let the property owner know right away 

7. We create cleaning books for our cleaning company so they know the placement of items in each home/ the inventory of the home to see if any items are missing from the home & a guest handbook for guests to view our house rules in the home as well

8. Anything that occurs during the guests stay we file a claim on Airbnb so the owner can be compensated for anything that needs to be replaced. For example, stained sheets, glassware, additional cleaning required for the last stay.

9. We create set codes for each group of guests with our security system, so the code is rotating on a regular basis and expires at check out.

10. We bill on a monthly basis for the service and Airhoster pays out of pocket for all repair work etc that will be billed with the monthly accounting spread sheet. 

11. We watch the outside cameras from time to time to make sure Guests do not have over the guest count on their reservation and to make sure they are following the city ordinance quiet time hours to be considerate of neighbors. 

We can also decorate the home as well as we have decorated all of our Airbnb properties at an additional fee.
 If you’d like to view any of our properties in Sacramento I can give you a walk through.

Please let me know 😊👍

We have a contract agreement for our clients and we  give property owners the capability to try our services for 3 months and if they are unsatisfied with our service they can cancel at anytime. 

We recommend a 3 month trial period and from there if satisfied we can move forward. If anything changes after that 3 month period and property owners want to cancel later on, due to circumstances that may arise they can cancel at any time.

Please let me know If you have any additional questions and we hope to help with managing your future properties!

Thank you,

Mariah Bridges 

Airhoster, LLC Vacation Rental Servcies 

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